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Solvent and Polarity Effects in Thin Layer Chromatography Lab Report

Solvent and Polarity Effects in Thin Layer Chromatography - Lab Report Example The adsorption chromatography is the most common type of TLC that analysts use in the labs to carry out their experiments from the many types of TLCs that exist (Snyder 57). Solvents with low volatility and with low viscosities are mostly used in the TLC experiment. Some of the commonly used solvents in the TLC process include hexane, ethanol, pentane, hydrocarbon mixture, acetone, ethyl acetate and diethyl ether because they are much cheaper and due to the fact that they are non-toxic. The distance that a compound travels on the silicon plate will depend largely on the compound’s affinity for the absorption material (Silicon plate) in comparison with the eluent (the solvent in use). This experiment determines the effect of polarity on elution as well as determines the TLC of an unknown organic compound. 120 mL jars, filter papers, hexane, ethyl acetate, acetone, ethanol, measuring cylinder, silica gel, TLC plates, lead pencils, trans-stilbene, 9-flourenone, benzoic acid, methylyene chloride, spotter and Iodine. 5. In a separate set up, dissolve in a test tube 2 mg of benzoic acid, 9-fluorenone and trans-stilbene in 10 drops of methylene chloride. Label each test tube. Record the observations in each test tube. 6. Use a spotter to apply a little amount of trans-stilbene at the first point on the first line on one plate very briefly using a spotter. Here, the solution should move by capillary action. Similarly, apply some amount of benzoic acid and 9-fluorenone on the second and the third line respectively. Look at the spots under ultraviolet light to see clearly. NB: It is important to protect one’s eyes using a protective device like a goggle to avoid eye contamination from the dangerous ultraviolet rays. Add some little solvent in each line of the plate again if the lines are not clearly visible. Record

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A Summary Of Online Bookstore Information Technology Essay

A Summary Of Online Bookstore Information Technology Essay 1. Introduction Operators now have well-developed network almost everywhere can be very smooth online, online shopping has to be rather mature late, looking ahead, more people in Taiwan use the Yahoo auction weighing is the case. With online shopping related to the topic as a theme, and then with PHP, MYSQL, and the future of software DataBase, etc. implement this project, coming to understand how to use and a complete framework for real on the network can allow buyers to secure online shopping platform. Because almost all hand touching computer-related products, so we mainly computer peripherals by auction, if other items to the auction is also possible. Keywords: online shopping, yahoo auction, computer products. Introduction topic This project is an online shopping site. Site content for online textbook system that allows ordinary users to conveniently at home, use the Internet features, easy to find books you want. Apply for membership of the way through, so shoppers can use the web site functionality. The background management system, using MYSQL as a database system to provide managers with a convenient and fast interface, so that managers use the Internet to Zhu, anywhere can easily handle all the information. Shoppers can also manage all the information. Make management more convenient and personalized. We use PHP as a basis for website design, writing not only to facilitate, together with the beautification of CSS syntax correction, showing a more convenient web browser interface consistent with human nature. And to the only transaction mode soft bookstore, information flow, logistics as the base to simulate the process of information out and sharing out the process. Below will have a system implementati on process, the design process to do some narrative. Motivation Recent, the internet boom, has become a hot topic of emerging business patterns have shine, such as: online auctions, electronic marketplace, online store, online information providers and enterprises of the electronic information exchange and so on. We see all kinds of e-commerce web shopping sites, selling various goods. As long as members join, they can search to find products they want and so on. Environmental development is maturing even easier than ever before we can establish their own e-commerce system for small. In order to clarify the issue of this study hope that the customer purchase process from the basic value and technology perspective followed to managers logistics, money flow, information flow and so on, to create a shop site, simulated electronic commerce online shop process and gain valuable experience from Thematic Objectives Learn how to make a more complete e-commerce. A back-end management system with online shopping site. Subdivided into: A. Users, the known members of areas: Customers connected to the Internet shopping site, log in as a member after the goods on the site the next one. B. Shops area, also known as the management of: The department responsible for online sales orders from customers under. Books of the add and the shelf. Member information changes. 2. A Summary of online bookstore 2.1 Introduction Bookstore definition of nothing more than display, retail point of sale of published material, in addition to sale of specific commodities, no different from other sales channels, from this point of view, the basic functions of Internet bookstores as well, but online bookstore is another type of publication publicity or sales channels, or even complementary traditional stores. The so-called Internet bookstores In addition to the general e-commerce functions, should also include several of the following services: A. Collection of the best Feng Because the traditional bookstore outlets, whether or storage space is limited, often under pressure to cost only the best-selling book called for the sale of the main, for the special needs of readers or a more popular books are unable to take into account. But digital technology has brought the solution to this troubled approach to current technology, only very little space to store large amounts of data and be able to quickly find the information they need, but also long-term preservation, changes also very easy, of course, books can provide readers with a variety of consulting needs. B. Facilitate the retrieval ÂÂ  In traditional bookstores to find a book, in addition to the store to see whether the proper classification of furnishings, the staff sometimes had to humbly trouble to help, even worse is that often or can not find. And this is what you know to find the book when it is occurring, if you only want to find some information in accordance with, Zhu will be lost in the vast sea of books in the. However, digital information is different. Unlike traditional methods, the book is the biggest advantage of the information it can use indexed files, to facilitate the inquiry. If you do not need to know the complete information, just enter keywords or part of the message, you can quickly find the information they need. Online bookstores and book sales are not confined to best-selling book, even if the physical channel has shelves of books, but also sales space. Many office workers do not have time to buy books through online bookstores to save time not only costs, but also through accura te bibliographic management, to find books on derivatives, which is when the person to physical bookstores, never fun and experience. C. Book presentation and reading test Books is not necessarily an impulse purchase of goods, people, for most of the books, unless the original request that had come to buy a particular book, most of the time to buy books to keep it afloat as a leisure activity , in the first reading in the bookstore, and then, as the case to buy, therefore, provide a complete online bookstore is part of the book describes the trial and read, is very important for the reader, and is the best each book, rather than only for specific marketing books. Since the July 1995 establishment of the Amazon bookstore, Zhu stated on the page on the Internet to establish an additional customer-oriented bookstore, customers roam online, and to provide the most diverse Select Since then, the business can be online bookstore and other online retailers, like, gradually enter the stage of development of electronic commerce. Development since 1995, some gone through four stages: The first stage: 1995 to 1997, during the networks new focus on stress and facilitate The second stage: 1998 ~ 1999, Internet commerce is becoming intense competition, consumers and businesses are turning their attention to pricing competition; but since late 1999, feeling faint and sensitive industry alone has enough affordable to convince consumers The third stage: 2000 to 2004, the price is still considered one of the factors, but emphasizes the scope of consumer goods like color extended to cover the provision of quality assurance, online trading conditions, and other service delivery so that the full range of shopping experiences. The Four stage: 2004 to the present, to network security, payment convenience, variety and complete articles, the online bookstore branched out into 3C, beauty, variety of cultural activities as an extension of the portal has grown into a trend of transformation. If the above criteria to measure the online bookstore in Taiwans development can be said to have entered the fourth stage. 2.2 Web publishing and publishing entities Why e-books will become a stepping stone to sell? First, consumers demand, followed by the unit price is low, reducing the consumer for the first time the threshold in online shopping. Book delivery is almost afraid of collision fragments, and not a date. Indeed for these early network environment. As the physical book sales in the network always have delivery problems, and network contrary to the virtual properties. Zhu did not book profits high, profits are a large number of logistics costs by erosion, the operators are trying to come up measures 3. Happy Publishing Limited overview 3.1 Introduction Happy Computer Books Square began in Jan. 1990. At that time the information industry has grown to considerable size, access hardware industry is very developed, in contrast, introduces all kinds of computer related software and knowledge of books Zhu was the more difficult to obtain; computer and information rapidly and to a wide range of consumers is the lack of computer know professionals to recommend around enough to meet their needs of the tool. Happy bookstore founder, originally set up in the regional fiber optic network project has reached ten years, not only proficient in computer experts in the field, while work experience is also deeply appreciate the difficulties of information transfer with the computer industry is how much pain . Then choose a younger consumer group is full of Feng Chia shopping district, the creation of a wide area of 150 square feet large computer book store. 20 employees in the up and down the concerted efforts of the industry for the computer, near the students, and consumers, provides a computer information paradise. Computer and information with each passing day, up with the times than the consumers needs, but also to understand what kind of information books is the consumers want. Relatively speaking, a general comprehensive book focuses on the extensive degree of commodity demand, but also can not put the focus on specific types of books, causing the consumer only in the vast sea of books, alone Ru needle in a haystack looking like they want to to information. The happy bookstore chosen to meet the markets pulse at any time to provide the fastest, latest and greatest computer professional books. ÂÂ  Happy bookstore in accordance with product attributes, the different uses of the books were classified in a specific area, including a computer professional books, peripheral consumption only, game software, import text books, early childhood CDs, commercial package, original software, magazines, periodicals, etc. projects, and consumers enter the gate, to know immediately where to find products they want. Staff also stands ready to provide customers with advice to help them find their own needs. At the same time also equipped with computers check store bibliographic system is one of the major consumers find the necessary tool. Happy Computer Books bookstore in Providence Square, a large school district now has a home of small stores, mainly services, mainly teachers and students. Again this year to set up a wide area of up to more than 30,000 feet, twice as big as the computer shop book store,. The next seven years is expected to integrate logistics happy bookstore, open to join, while setting up branches in the province. Later, with the popularization of computer technology concepts and implementation of intellectual property, as well as other Chinese mainland market demand for professional computer books is certainly very impressive, fun book will be set up office in Hong Kong, formally tentacles extend beyond Hong Kong. 3.2 Organizational Chart Fig 1 Organizational Chart 3.3 The responsibilities of various departments Into (sales), (management) two large systems, a number of departments under it has broken down. Sales department: is divided into campus stores and general stores, and online sales 1. Campus outlets: Currently in the Providence campus of the only soft Books store 2. The general store: the way of the main store Fuxing Campus stores and general stores was no significant difference between the business, are responsible for the following services: (1) the sale of books and stationery. (2) single or more or a lot of the books ordered. (3) selling and ordering a variety of business software (4) daily turnover of goods with the United States and Japan sell the variety, quantity to facilitate the management, control accounting information. 3. Online Sales: (1) Member of the orders dealing with the daily (2) and the accounting department recorded check orders (3) Contact the logistics industry, will be expected to send the shipment of goods. Management: into administration, Information Division, joined the department. 1. Administration Department: Subdivision for the Ministry of Personnel and the Department of Accounting and Warehousing (1) Ministry of Personnel: management departments of personnel information, including salary, incentive. (2) Department of Accounting and Storage: a. daily and monthly profit and loss statistics. b. Admission records of all departmental expenditure. c. payment of salaries. d. pay the vendor. e. goods warehouse management. Section 2 : Analysis Design Doc Section 3 Implementation Testing Doc 3.1 Member subsystem 1. Merits (1) with a different login interface can also determine a member or administrator (2) The registered member can enjoy different from the visitors permission (3) members clearly understand the interface easy click, more comfortable to use (4) After registration, then you fill in the data backup of a registered mail sent to you in order for members to check 2. Drawback (1) interface is not enough human (2) Member of the functional mechanism of a number of further increased 3.2 shopping cart system 1. Merits (1) to provide customers with online orders, so no need to store customer orders and provide customers can ATM transfers, bank transfer, cash on delivery with the number of options, there are shopping records for customers who know what items to buy 2. Drawback (2) can not buy things from a customer in that customers preferences 3.3 The message board system 1. Merits (1) interface simplicity, convenience or general visitors member (2) the name and E-mial crawl directly from the database, can not be forged identity 2. Drawback (1) can not withstand malicious wash version 3.4 Books Subsystem 1. Merits (1) books category allows the user to clearly see the kinds of books they want, where you can easily click the check book. (2) Book About a glance, no doubt. (3) new book area also allows users to see what new books this month in New to the store to buy. (3) search system is simple and neat, easy to use. 2. Drawback (1) can not let administrators add categories, if not can only be grouped within the category of other. 3.5 Subsystem Manager 1. Merits (1) Notice system is simple, does not require redundant operation. (2) function administrators use the form to separate clear and understandable. 2. Drawback (1) too easy to change the membership of the password should be more limited. 3.6 Storage Subsystem 1. Merits (1) search using ISBN code, enabling administrators to reduce the importation of the time and cost. (2) the original data will first appear on the screen, the administrator can clearly understand their need to edit the information. (3) basic information on books in the list, just press a button and you can clearly see the details of the book. (4) Customers can easily fill in the information, managers can also be easy to view or delete the record. 2. Drawback (1) some projects were not paged, it could lead to difficulties in view. (2) net income on the inquiry ISBN system, and not all of the books and there, some need manual Key in, somewhat inconvenient for 3.7 Future Prospects In the future, perhaps it can be applied to different areas, electronic stores, renting web . But security is the need to strengthen it! Also hopes its flaws can be reinforced up to build a very good system for the community do use. While speaking of a site has been completed, but think about it there are still places to improve, to strengthen and make The perfect amount to do in the test part of art, although speaking is the art of rendering wise to see jen see, but Most still want to accept the recommendations of future improvement as an access to a site and immediately face the future is as Feel the impact, if one looks so causes inconvenience to people to attract, Order people want to imagine what motivation is, that this site Already in the hearts of visitors to occupy a certain position, make him want to continue to watch; there is the site of Paul Care, to be speaking to hundred percent safety, it is very difficult, but the security of a website can do more than complete The protection of the best, if members who have joined the site we do not protect data being stolen while people Is a site license would become disturbed. Visual part of the goods, there is on course to multimedia integration, teachers ha ve talked about both the future network will 3D display is in the form of the future, as now we have only one auction items to the angle you view the pictures Look, if it is 3D graphics, using some browsers and software to meet so that goods can be rotated. Have some people buy a lot of importance both appearance and function, and now we auction a NB to him, if there is order Feature is not appearance, and now he saw the direction we have a single picture is not accurate, if our image can to function with 3D graphics can be rotated to match members to select shopping, I would want to buy more! More discussions with the Bank whether to open a write-off for our account, as long as I can find members of remittances into our web site management can learn, so our work can also be more convenient good. FLASH middle part, not necessarily to be placed in our introduction, you can put some vendors FLASH, such as this could put the future of advertising companies, they can promote, we can charge.

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The Power of Interior Monologues in War and Peace Essay -- War and Pea

     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   War and Peace probed into the human essence and its search for the truths of life. Tolstoy focused on two men to represent and carry the burden of finding those ethereal values. Throughout the novel, he utilized numerous images, symbols, dialogue, and foreshadowing to advance the progress of his characters. Yet, his most effective use of technical device can be found in describing the psychological thoughts and interior monologues of the characters. Most notably, the thoughts of Pierre and Andrei served to portray their spiritual changes better than by what they did, and also helped to foretell and build suspense to upcoming actions. By doing so, Tolstoy furthered the plot and created a realistic world from which to study characters who acted, talked, and most importantly, thought as real human beings do in the same situations.    The magnanimity of Tolstoy's use of internal actions rather than external actions has far reaching effects to this day. Pierre and Andrei underwent a drastic change, and because of this critics compare them to Tolstoy himself. Tolstoy grew up in an aristocratic household, but because he wanted to live life as it should be lived, he also searched for the answers to the problem of life. Like Pierre and Andrei, he faced many difficulties in his journey, but eventually found salvation in the basic values of simplicity, understanding of life and death, and love of all creatures. Thus, Tolstoy, Pierre, and Andrei transformed themselves through pain and suffering to attain a higher level of spirituality, notably mimicking the legendary change of St. Paul the Apostle. In addition to his connections with the Christian St. Paul, Tolstoy also laid down the foundations for Buddhist Zen in the wester... ...rn, The Rise of the Russian Novel, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1973. John Fennel, Nineteenth Century Russian Literature, London, Faber and Faber, 1973. Ed. Malcolm Jones, New Essays on Tolstoy, Bristol: Cambridge University Press, 1978. Ed. Harold Bloom, Modern Critical Interpretations - War and Peace, New York, Chelsea House Publishers, 1988 Daniel Rancour - Laferriere, Tolstoy's Pierre Bezukhov - A Psychoanalytical Study, Melksham: Bristol Classical Press, 1993. Helen Edna Davis, Tolstoy and Nietzsche, New York: Haskell House Publishers Ltd., 1929. I Cannot be Silent - Writings on Politics, Art and Religion by Leo Tolstoy, Chippenham: The Bristol Press, 1989. E. H. Carr, What is History?, St Ives: Penguin Books, 1987. Pauline Marie Rosenau, Post-Modernism and the Social Sciences, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992.

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Legalization of Marijuana outline and speech Essay

Marijuana has always been an issue in our country’s history. However, today, it has gained more attention than it has in the recent decades. People were raised and taught since their early years that this plant brings nothing but trouble to your life if you consume it, for any reason. However, marijuana isn’t as bad as we were all taught that it was. Legalizing marijuana can actually bring many benefits to many groups in today’s society. It’s actually not that bad of a plant once you get to know it a little better. Legalizing marijuana can benefit the American government in a few different ways. One way that it could benefit the government is by selling it and taxing it. Alcohol and tobacco, though known as two drugs that can cause harm to you, still sell and bring in a lot of federal and state tax revenue, regardless of how high taxes are placed on these products. The size of the marijuana market, though illegal, is still very huge and very profitable. If the government were to legalize marijuana, it could bring approximately up to $8.7 billion in federal and state revenue. This could help the government tremendously. This much money can be used for a lot of different things. One thing that this money can help improve is education. For example, in the state of Colorado, it is said that the state has already gained $10 million  in taxes from retail stores in the first 4 months. They said that the first $40 million that they gained in taxes from these â€Å"pot† retailers would be used in their education system and infrastructure, as well as educational campaigns about substance use. This money can be used to purchase new books, technology, equipment, etc., that could be useful to students and teachers in public schools. With a new industry and legal market going on, it could also help create more jobs. In Colorado, more than 10,000 jobs have been created since January of 2014. Many people that were unemployed have now been able to get a job in the marijuana industry, whether it be in distribution, trimming the plants, packaging, petitioning, educating, advertising, and so much more. Marijuana can also bring many health benefits to those who are in need of its â€Å"super high powers.† One disease that it can help treat or prevent is glaucoma. Glaucoma starts when pressure in the eyeball increases, damaging an optic nerve and causes the loss of vision. So, how does marijuana help exactly? Well, according to researchers, marijuana helps reduce the pressure in eye. It has been said that it lowers the pressure in the eyes of people with normal vision and even in people who have glaucoma. Marijuana can also help control epileptic seizures. Marijuana contains a chemical that many people know as THC. THC can help control seizures that are not responsive to other treatments taken to control them. It has been tested with animals and proven to reduce seizures in epileptic rats. There are epileptic people who actually consume marijuana and believe that it help to control their seizures, saying that it helps to regulate their relaxation. One important disease that marijuana may be able to treat is cancer. A chemical in marijuana knows as CBD is believed to stop the spread of cancer by turning of a gene that helps produce cancer cells. Some studies even show that some compounds in marijuana could even actually kill cancer cells. There are studies where people with cancer consume marijuana and believe that it reduces the size of their tumors. Legalizing marijuana can also help reduce crime rates and spending money on crimes related to marijuana. The United States government spends a lot of money on prisoners, approximately $68 billion a year. It is said that about  one-third of the prisoners are incarcerated for nonviolent drug related crimes. This means that legalizing marijuana could help save $11.3 billion from spending on imprisonments. That can help the government save a lot of money and maybe reduce the deficit. According to researchers, it is also believed that legalizing pot could reduce crime rates. Since the legalization in Colorado, about 10.1% of crime has decreased, and a 6.9% decrease in violent crimes. These crimes involve homicides, burglaries, and sexual assaults. Property crime rates have dropped about 11.1%, involving burglary, larceny, auto theft, and thefts from motor vehicles. Legalization of marijuana could also help reduce the number of traffic deaths. According to some economists’ studies, states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana have dropped 9% in fatal car wrecks, which means that there was a decline in drunk driving. This proves that driving high is so much safer than driving drunk. Many people will continue to believe that marijuana is worse than alcohol or tobacco and believe that it will bring nothing but bad things to people who consume it. However, there are facts and studies that prove that legalizing marijuana could bring various amounts of benefits to many people. Like I said, it’s not that bad once you get to know the plant a little better. Remember, don’t knock it until you try it.

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Greek Winter Solstice Celebrations in Honor of Poseidon

Solstice (from the Latin sol sun) celebrations honor the sun. At the summer solstice in late June, there is no dearth of the sun, so celebrants just enjoy the extra hours of daylight, but by the winter solstice in late December, the days are much shorter as the sun sets earlier. Winter solstice celebrations often include two activities related to the failing sun: producing light and enjoying the cover the darkness provides. Thus, it is common for winter solstice celebrations to include candle lighting, bonfire creation, and drunken debauchery. Poseidon and the Winter Solstice In Greek mythology, the sea god Poseidon is one of the most lascivious of the gods, producing more children than many other gods. Greek calendars varied from polis to polis, but in some Greek calendars, a month around the time of the winter solstice is named for Poseidon. In Athens and other parts of ancient Greece, there is a month that roughly corresponds with December/January that is named Poseidon for the sea-god Poseidon. Despite the fact that the Greeks were the least likely to sail during these months, they held a celebration in Athens called Posidea to celebrate Poseidon. Haloea and Womens Rites At Eleusis, there was a festival called Haloea on the 26th of the month Poseidon. The Haloea (a festival for Demeter and Dionysus) included a procession for Poseidon. The Haloea is thought to have been a time for merriment. There is mention of a womens rite in connection with this holiday: Women are provided with wine and food, including cakes in the shapes of sexual organs. They withdraw to themselves and exchange scurrilous banter, and are teased with suggestions of promiscuity whispered in their ears by the priestesses. [p.5] The women are thought to have stayed secluded throughout the night and then to have joined the men the next day. While the women were off eating, drinking, and sounding much like the women of Lysistrata, the men are thought to have created a big pyre or a bunch of little bonfires. Poseidonia of Aegina The Poseidonia of Aegina may have taken place in the same month. There were 16 days of feasting with rites of Aphrodite concluding the festival. Like the Roman festival of Saturnalia, the Poseidonia became so popular it was extended so that Athenaeus makes it 2 months long: In sum, the celebrants feast to satiety, then turn to lascivious teasing. What is the ritual purpose of such conduct? It obviously suits Poseidons mythical reputation as the most lustful of gods, who far surpasses Apollo and Zeus in the number of his liaisons and his offspring. Poseidon the seducer is god of springs and rivers[...] Source Poseidons Festival at the Winter Solstice, by Noel Robertson, The Classical Quarterly, New Series, Vol. 34, No. 1 (1984), 1-16.

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America and the Holocaust Deceit and Indifference - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 6 Words: 1689 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/04/26 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Holocaust Essay Did you like this example? The film, America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference, is about Americas involvement in saving the Jewish population from being subjected in the Holocaust. The film succeeds in persuading its audience, America and its citizens, that America could have been more active in saving the lives of many Jews. The film focuses on revealing the anti-semitic environment present in America during the early 20th century, biased immigration laws, and absolute indifference towards rescuing European Jews. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference" essay for you Create order Martin Ostrow, the director of the film, accuses America for prioritizing war and political motives such as forming allies future benefits rather than saving the diminishing Jewish population. Ostrow uses many filmmaking techniques to provide his subjective point of view on Roosevelt and the American government that decided to take no urgent action despite being aware of the situation in Germany and the Final Solution. This film uses interviews, the experiences of a Jewish refugee, archival footage, visuals, still shots and cutaways to persuade the audience of the validity of these accusations. One of the strategies used is the freeze frame technique. This technique allows the film-maker to freeze the action on the screen to enhance the scene and capture the audiences attention. The technique is used numerous times in the film to captivate the audiences attention by freezing official photos, political cartoons, newspaper stills, and other important visuals. In the beginning of the film, photos of anti-semitic signs in New York are displayed to show the anti-semitic motives of many American citizens when Hitler came to power in Europe. In the film, the director zooms in on a bookstore in New York that reads Aryan Bookstore, and freezes at this sign for few seconds, so the audience is forced to stop and ponder on this still shot. This technique is used when newspaper clippings with shattering headlines are presented in the film as well. An example of the freeze frame is the headline Jews Defile Our Christmas, from National American Newspaper. Another example of such headline is Refugees Warned to Wait. These newspaper stills prove that America was busy winning the war, and chose to suppress the voices of many Jewish organizations that wanted Roosevelt to take action. Another example of FDRs lack of interest in assisting the Jews is the freeze frame of Roosevelts hand writing on a much debated 1930 congressional bill to rescue 20,000 German Jewish children: File No Action. FDR. The film then cuts to a footage of a ship full of children singing in English that are immigrating to America. Throughout the film, many newspaper headlines and official document freeze frames are used a still shots to expose the muddy political behavior and anti-semitic immigrations laws. Furthermore, the film uses the emotional story of a Jewish refugee, Kurt Klein. Ostrow uses Kurt Klein as a medium to portray the difficulties faced by the European Jews who wanted to immigrate to America to escape the Holocaust. The director interviews Kurt Klein and uses mini interview clips throughout the film to keep the audience attached by presenting a personal story of a Jewish immigrant trying to save his parents and bring them to the haven of America. The audience is provided wit h an actual personal account to follow through rather than just still images and video footage of the biased immigration process. Kleins story is able evokes sympathetic and tragic emotions among the audience that the still images can not. For example, the audience feels the sadness that Klein feels when he reads the letter granting his parents immigrant visa two months after they have been deported. One can feel the sorrow and pain, and see oneself standing in his shoes. This strategy is successful in keeping the audience emotionally connected and strengthens Ostrows argument that the American Consulate was biased and granted more visa to Britain and Ireland citizens than Eastern and Southern Europe. An important technique used in this documentary is the Ken Burns Effect. The film uses many photographs as evidence to show that America watched and waited to take action until after the political motives were met. This effect gives action to still photographs by zooming in on the subjects of interest and panning over important details of photographs. Ostrow uses this technique to transition from one photograph to the next. This technique is able to keep the audience visually engaged because it is easy to lose attention when the photographs are presented in an non-motion format. Another purpose of using this technique is to create dramatic effect. The film uses this strategy while o pening with the horrifying images of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass. In one of the photographs, the camera zooms out from a broken glass window to a view of the entire destroyed Jewish business shop. Zooming out from the shattered glass windows to the entire photograph gives the audience a theatrical, surreal sense of what the environment was like for the Jewish population affected during that night. This same effect is used when official records are presented as well. For example, the camera pans over the official document sent from Geneva that Department of State stamped as Do Not Send. This document was sent by Reigner to alert Rabbi Wise in America of the devastating conditions the Jews were facing in Europe. However, Wise did not received this document because the Department of State dismissed the report and called it a wild rumor. The camera zooms out of the whole document and pans over to the writing that reads Do Not Send. This technique allows the audience to remember only that part of the photograph that the filmmaker wants to emphasize. Ostrow uses this technique because he knows that period photographs are the only other visuals other than interviews and archival foot age to grab the audiences attention. Still photographs without zooming and panning can make the film monotonous. A persuasive element that attracts the attention of the viewer is the creative use of music. This documentary relies heavily on music to add dramatic effect to the photographs and interviews presented. For example, the sound effect of shattering of glass during the Kristallnacht scene adds dramatic effect to the visuals presented on the screen. The same goes with footage of cattle trains loaded with Jews accompanied with music of train moving on a railroad. These dramatic sound effects can evoke fear from the audience. The interviews of Kurt Klein reading heartbreaking letters from his parents describing the situation in Germany uses gloomy background music. This music with low tempo and minor mode adds to the sadness of the situation. The music allows the audience to feel the tragedy that Klein and his family went through. Furthermore, the purpose of the music is to enhance the emotions experienced by the interviewers. The film uses many interviews of Jews sharing their anti-semitic experiences in America. One of the interviewers speaks about not being hired for a position because she is Jewish. The background music has a melancholic tone. With the same music in the background, the film cuts to a document listing stores and the religious preferences for hiring employees in Queens, NYC. Ostrow uses the same background music to transition from an interviewers personal account to factual evidence that backs up the interviewers personal story and Ostrows point of view of anti-semitic America. Ostrow uses the testimony of David Wyman, a leading U.S. scholar, to reinforce his claim that America deliberately suppressed the information that European Jews were slated for genocide. Wyman describes and analyzes the official documents, archival footage, and photos that Ostrow uses in this documentary. Wyman outlines the true motives behind Breckinridge Long exaggerating the problem of Americas National Security. In the film, after the footage of Long accusing immigrants of being a threat to Americas safety is presented, Wyman illuminates on the true motive behind this action was to enforce anti-alien policies and postpone immigration of the Jews. Wyman makes multiple appearances and tries to decode the information presented in the video footages and photos. Ostrow uses Wyman as a medium to express the his views, but from a historians perspective. Besides Wyman, the film contains many interviews of other political figures that were in-office during this time period. All the interv iews revealed one important thing that America purposely ignored the Final Solution and considering the matter non-urgent. John Pehle, the Treasury Department lawyer exposes the State Departments alleged cover-up of the Holocaust, and the complete disregard about the refugee problem. By interviewing credible persons, Ostrow presented a persuasive case the U.S.s lack of insolvent in assisting the Jews. Another important technique is the formatting of the film. The film has many diverse methods of introducing evidence that helps persuade the audience of the accusations. The film is full of visuals such as archive footage, official paper records such as bills and interviews that keeps the audience engaged. It is easy to grab and hold onto the audiences attention when the interview is presented in chunks so that the audience can keep up easily. The same goes for presenting official records or still photographs for a long period of time. Furthermore, the utilization of certain archive footage shot from different camera angles is visually attractive and helps captivate attention as well. One example is the crane shot of Auschwitz camp when Ostrow shows how Allied heavy bombers attacked an I.G. Farben fuel factory five miles from Auschwitz but never received orders to bomb the death camp. The formatting of the film such as the sequence of the visuals plays a role in captivating the viewe rs attention. The film, America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference, is a subjective documentary that accuses America for being selfish and apathetic to meet its political motives by prioritizing war. It attempts to persuade the citizens, the viewers, of Americas the lack of involvement and deceiving the truth during the Holocaust. Ostrow uses many persuasive film-making techniques such as Burns Effect and freeze frame technique to strengthen his claim. Furthermore, the film is loaded with visuals to contradict the viewers impression of ideal America and present them with the actual, anti-semitic America.

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Cultural Values, Personal Identity And The Issues I Might...

Where I come from and how I was raised has a lot to do with the cultural values instilled in me today. My parents were from different classes in society, so I have a mix of working class and middle class values. I was raised in a close knit family, my parents worked very hard to make sure their children had the things they needed. Thus, they provided us with some of the things we wanted by stating at times, â€Å"sacrifices have to be made to obtain some things you want in life.† I am an African American woman, who was raised in the small town of Venice, IL. My family values and rich historical culture heavily impacted my personal identity today as if it did yesterday. In this reflection, I will discuss my cultural values, personal identity and the issues I might encounter as a multicultural counselor. Values and morals are ingrained in people like a pattern that is woven into a piece of material. The idea of what is right or wrong and how to act are deeply rooted in m e. Just as there are values we observe in the home, there are cultural values that are distinct among cultural groups in society Sue, D.W. Sue, D. (2013). As a part of my culture, I was taught to respect people and to treat people the way I want to be treated. People like to be treated with respect, no matter what color they are, and most of the time it isn’t about a culture it is about being human. I was taught to look people in the eye, because this would let them know that youShow MoreRelatedSocial, Cultural, And Economic Systems Responsible For Perpetuating Injustice1522 Words   |  7 Pageson how to deliver effective counseling to individuals experiencing social inequalities and injustice through equipping counselors with the skills necessary for becoming agents of change. The author in his 13 chapters examines the social, cultural, and economic systems responsible for perpetuating injustice and inequality with illustrations underlying the importance of counselors ’ acceptance of their professional, ethical, and moral responsibility in working with clients in transforming social justiceRead MoreMulticultural Counseling : Helping Culturally Diverse Individuals Work1837 Words   |  8 Pagesa professional become more culturally competent. Multicultural counseling focuses on helping culturally diverse individuals work through their pressing issues and help them adapt to their new environment. Individuals coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds respond differently to therapeutic methods and using a single approach to counseling does not always work. Competent counselors need to take into account each client’s cultural backgrounds, biases, and traditions. In the durationRead MoreThe Theory Of Counseling And Therapy Theories6153 Words   |  25 Pagestheir lives. If valid theories of counselling are transmitted during the therapeutic process, they may increase the accuracy with which clients can predict the conseq uences of their behaviors and therefore gain more control over their lives. As counselors we need to pay close attention to what our clients think, feel and do. Therefore, a complete and efficient therapy system must address all these three facets. For example, some of the therapies highlight cognitive factors, others place emphasisRead MoreEthical Dilemmas in Multicultural counselling Essay4201 Words   |  17 PagesEthical Dilemmas in a Multicultural Setting Silvia Galea â€Å"An ethical dilemma exists whenever there are good but contradictory ethical reasons to take conflicting and incompatible courses of action.† (Kitchner, 1984 p.29) â€Å"There is no legitimate way to avoid these ethical struggles. They are part of our work†. (Pope Vasquez, 2007 p.125). Introduction Cultural competence is fast becoming the new competence in counselling (Barnett 2009, Barnett 2000). As society changes and minoritiesRead MoreReflection for â€Å"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings†2242 Words   |  9 PagesReflection for â€Å"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings† Abstract This essay consists of three sections. The first section, a brief synopsis of the book â€Å"I know why caged bird sings† is presented. At the second part, three insights after reading the book are introduced. That is, metaphor of caged bird, power of literacy, and power of silence. At the last section, discipline-specific knowledge that relevant to the main character of book is stated. Synopsis of the Text This autobiographyRead MoreRoles And Missions Of Mental Health Counselors2092 Words   |  9 Pagesof Mental Health Counselors A mental health counselor provides services to those who are experiencing emotional or mental issues. They work with individuals, groups, and families of all ages and diversity to prevent mental and emotional health issues that affect an individual’s overall well-being. The mental health professionals’ overall goal for any client is optimal mental health. Principles resulting from the examination of human development, has helped mental health counselors with being ableRead MoreGroup Counseling Reflection Paper4779 Words   |  20 PagesAdvanced Theory and Practice of Group Counseling As I reflect upon my experience as a group leader in this class, I learned that therapeutic factors can be group driven or facilitated by the group leader. Cohesion stood as a vital aspect of an effective group, and I realized that as a group leader I needed not only to facilitate the group but to remain as a vital part of the group to assure cohesion. By subsisting as an effective group leader, I created an atmosphere that remained conducive to positiveRead MoreCase Study Counseling Plan4198 Words   |  17 Pagesseeking counseling for Sara’s persistent lack of interest in sexual relations with her partner Amy. The purpose of this paper is to assess the sexual issues of this couple, analyze the dynamics of their relationship, develop a Multi-axial diagnostic impression and develop a counseling plan. In Section I, the paper will assess sexual issues involved in the selected case study. The integration of the sexual disorder with the sexual response cycle will be discussed. The paper will analyze andRead MoreSystemic Questioning Essay2821 Words   |  12 PagesCreating trust in the helping relationship is one of the fundamentals of family therapy. Not only must the family learn to trust the counselor, but also the counselor must trust that the family is there willingly to receive help and to learn how to set their own goals and access their own resources to achieve them. Rather than being a passive listening post, a counselor must strive to actively listen and must keep an active engaging mind to compare what each family member is revealing. Clients in turnRead MoreMID TERM STUDY GUIDE Essay16611 Words   |  67 PagesAccording to your text, some of the things that cause our children problems are the following: (www) (7) a. the changing world, values, and crises *** b. too much sugar and starch in their diets c. a competitive environment d. the focus on self-esteem 6. One of the continuing challenges for many children is: (www) (7) a. enmeshed extended families b. unchanging values. c. poverty. *** d. high stakes testing 7. Brazelton and Greenspan’s â€Å"irreducible needs† include all the following EXCEPT: